National Children’s Chorus

The National Children’s Chorus is dedicated to the music education of gifted youth. It is one of few youth arts organizations in the world to have its entire concert season … view project »


River’s Edge Inc.

River’s Edge Inc. is a website which sells Auto PlusXP, a sophisticated and complete business solution for the automotive business. WORK: I originally designed and hand coded their website. Later … view project »



Vertabase is a web-based project management software. It works on PC, MAC and Mobile Browsers. WORK: I was responsible for the everyday maintenance of this site. Over the years, I … view project »

gasm is a website that celebrates the female orgasm. Its mission is to celebrate the possibilities of the female orgasm through expert opinion and product selection. WORK: The website already … view project »



iRule is a universal remote control system which tie in all the gadgets for the home entertainment. WORK: The website already existed when I started work on it. I was … view project »


Visual Therapy

Visual Therapy is a style consultant website run by Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo. It distinguishes itself from today’s style consultants and trend ‘experts,’ by paying integral attention to the … view project »


Fantasy Prone

Fantasy Prone is a comic website. WORK: I was provided with the design. My job was to splice the design and hand code it. I also made content update to … view project »