E-commerce packages

1. Full service

I provide a full e-commerce package which involves the creation of a fully functional e-commerce website from the ground up.

2. Store Front Addition

However if you already have a website and is only looking to add a store front to it, I can do that too.

3. E-commerce components

Or if you are looking for help in installing a shopping cart, a payment gateway and/or a merchant account, I can do that too.

Benefits of an E-commerce website

  • Your online shop is open 24/7
  • Your online shop can reach customers locally or around the world
  • Your online shop has a lower cost base vs your “bricks and motar” counterparts
  • Customers can shop quickly
  • No programming knowledge require to run your online shop
  • And many more reason …

To your right are some e-commerce websites I have worked on.

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  • 2

E-commerce website in a nutshell

3 components are required to complete an e-commerce transaction:
1. A shopping cart
2. A payment gateway
3. A merchant account

A shopping cart software allow consumers to purchase goods and or services on your website. It is the software that powers the “Add to Cart” button.

Now you need an online payment gateway to authenticate the online purchase. Basically the payment gateway contacts the customer’ credit card and makes sure the card is valid and has sufficient funds.

When the payment gateway processes the transaction and the customer’s credit card is charged for the sale, that money has to go somewhere. Funds from credit card sales are deposited into a special type of bank account called a merchant account.

In short, a merchant account is really a bank account that is used to hold funds captured from your credit card sales.

Then, once per week the money is sent out of your merchant account, and into your regular business bank account.


If you want to accept credit card payments online, you need either a merchant account provider such as authorize.net or the services of an aggregator such as PayPal.com.

An aggregator is a company that processes transactions through their own merchant account on behalf of other companies.

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  • Chi got our site up quickly. My business partner and I were extremely happy with the results. Chi provided a professional service with an affordable price.

    I have been using Chi’s services in the past few years. I plan to use his services again for future projects.

    Johnny Halverson

    Johnny Halverson

  • I was extremely delighted when I saw my website. Chi did a wonderful job in capturing the essence of my e-commerce business.

    Since my website was created, I have been making money selling my fish food products.

    I would recommend Chi to anyone needing an ecommerce website.

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    George Szucs

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    Martin Dollinger