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Tropical Fish Gel Food

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Gel Fish Food

This website sells a new and exciting product call Repashy Superfoods. It is a completely new type of fish food for the Hobbyist and Breeder market.


I used WordPress to create this ecommerce website. The client wanted a small ecommerce website to sell his tropical fish gel food.

I also made content update to the website from time to time.

As a side, note if you type “tropical gel fish food” into Google, this website comes up #1. It has good ranking.



Customer's feedback

I was extremely delighted when I saw my website. Chi did a wonderful job in capturing the essence of my e-commerce business.

Since my website was created, I have been making money selling my fish food products.

I would recommend Chi to anyone needing an ecommerce website.

George Szucs

George Szucs